How Can You Test a Side Hustle Idea?

Chris Smith
2 min readMay 28
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So, you have an idea for a side hustle and you can’t wait to go ahead and make it happen. But before you do, pause for a moment and read this article.

I was like you. I had what I thought was a great side hustle idea. Nothing was going to stop me. I was full of enthusiasm. So I went ahead and spent money to make my side hustle idea a reality.

It bombed. Big time. I lost the money I’d invested. Every last cent.

Only afterward did I realize I should have tested my idea before committing myself and my money.

Here are some of the things I could have done. Or should have done.

Take a look around

No matter what you think, there is very little out there that is totally new.

Someone, somewhere may be doing a version of your side hustle idea so take a look around and see what you can find. Then look for ways to improve it.

If someone is doing something similar then that is probably a good sign and may suggest that your side hustle idea will work.

Ask friends and family for their opinion

Another way to test your idea is to ask friends and family for their feedback.

There is a danger here of course. Your friends and family may give you an answer that is what they think you want to hear. So, be sure to tell them to be honest and to give you reasons for their opinion.

Talk to potential customers

If you talk to potential customers, then you will get a feel for how well your side hustle idea meets their needs.

They may also suggest ways it could be improved — things that you would never have thought of if you hadn’t spoken to them.

And you may even get some advance orders or sign-ups from them!

Do your research

Follow people on social media, join relevant forums. See what people are talking about, and what unmet needs they have.

Use social media polls to gain further information.

Just do it anyway

Sometimes, you’ll have a gut feeling about whether a side hustle idea will work or not. In that case, just go ahead and do it.

Make sure to limit your risk though.

If I’d done any of the things I’ve listed above, then I would have almost certainly learned enough to make me reconsider my side hustle idea.

Next time around I’m going to follow them to the letter.

And if you have any suggestions for other ways to test side hustle ideas, please comment. Thank you!

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